I have never experience the feeling of being unwanted. Even when I know that I am better, strong, independent, smart, capable to have a deep smile and forgive. Being unwanted by the person you trust highly is heartbreaking.

I have inherited strength to deal with the storm, it is time to sail into a new reality.

In certain cases one should be thankful, cause one cannot everything and something is better that nothing. But in the other hand, not being love as deserved, that can make everything awkward, feelings can raise you above clouds but they can also bury your soul, so getting little to nothing is not good at all.

I know I can do better, place everything behind and move on, regardless of the frustration of failure that is felt by a broken promise. The darkest cloud is in my heart, the rain drops contains too many why?s and instead of washing and healing they are darkening my life.

I wish I could go back in time and say no! But by doing so, more than a decade of happiness would be lost and cannot afford to loose more. Instead I have pullout strength that is greater than memories and give it a try. I will find the light, push away the darkness and bring altostratus to help with the healing. Lets get rid off all stratus clouds!

If let free, animals do adapt to the rules also.

In the Cayman Islands, is not rare to see a couple of chickens (rooster and a hen) and sometimes a family (rooster, hen and their chicks). But what calls my attention is that, they are cognizant of the pedestrians rules.

Do not undermine their abilities and awareness.


TedxBeaconStreet – Be a Beacon! Adventure Catalyst

TedxBeaconStreet – Be a Beacon! Adventure Catalyst

The Cayman Islands were one of 21 Countries Represented |
Adventure Catalysts are TEDx organizers from across the globe who join an annual conference and learn the format of community engagement through adventure events. The mission is to further Ideas in Action in their own communities around the world.

TEDxBeaconStreet – Adventure!

I topped the hill when I realized that Boston’s greatest thinkers, TEDx organizers, volunteers and all the people that embodies the theme “Be a Beacon” were set to be in one spot, to appreciate all that John Werner and his team organized. I am happy to say that it was excellent and the brightness of TEDxBeaconStreet is expanding not only frontiers, but is teasing brains and hearts worldwide.
In the few days that I joined the rest of the Adventure Catalysts I could see the purpose, which is to organize the most stimulating and unforgettable event for families, students and professionals. I didn’t quite realize that it was so challenging but not impossible, if 75 enthusiastic TEDx organizers from 21 countries were given the opportunity to get together to share in this experience; I think TEDxUCCI can do the same here in our beloved Cayman Islands. The experience was exemplary, completely assimilated by all and is on track to be spread around the world.IMG_2203

The Adventure
Friday 13th

IMG_2191We started with a “chill-out” day by walking from early that morning, then we took the train towards the Massachusetts Ave., to have breakfast at Google Cambridge and to walk around Google’s research facilities. We then moved on to MIT to walk through the tunnels and labs with “Mutant Ninja Turtles!” (or as John Werner calls them “Turtle Ninja Steps’) a healthy walk exercise around the facilities, especially the green areas. We were very fortunate to observe closely and get first hand information on new technologies like organic memory! Despite the cold temperature and the tight schedule, I felt like I could go on forever. There was so much to see and discover, it was exceptional! Just so you know why? We were at the Bartos Theatre where Steve Jobs gave his key note addresses.

From the Killian Court and over the Harvard Bridge we headed on the most spectacular, one hour, walking tour of the Fenway Park – The home of the Boston Red Sox. If you have a chance checkout their contribution to a Sustainable approach right in their backyard (The Fenway Farm). IMG_0168At the Fenway Park, we where also
introduced to Mr. Will Davis who shared the vision and importance of TEDx, as well as recommendations for better management of events held worldwide. Soon after, we we
re taken to an empty office at the Landmark building to have lunch, the place had a phenomenal setup with swings and other kind of games.

Our last stop was the Unified Arts High School, Brookline, United States, to wrap-up the workshop where we had our last meeting, and my final takeaways were as follow:

– The power of sharing SWOT
– The use of spaces that are available to our advantage
– Leveraging your contacts for a common win-win
– A great schedule can have different stages (interviews, activates, books, comedy, etc.)
– There are lots and lots of people around the world who w
ant to help – community creation
– We are about promoting ideas, not just events
– Ambitions are visions, they have to become actions
– Organize adventures to break the ice (between; speakers, organizer and volunteers)
– The importance of networking

Throughout the day and walk with such innovative people was impressive, they who have the function of causing revolution and message management was incredible, people like this are the key to an event like TEDxBeaconStreet, it was simply amazing. The impact of TEDx is due to people who care about people and the future of our home “Earth”.IMG_2290

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th

The THIS IS IT day was remarkable! Not only because it hosted a huge audience but because the organizers did their best to bring to life the vision of the event. There were 85 speakers with interesting topics, whom brought their work to the event and to the most special guest; R2D2 the robot performing (children and adults were thrilled), and the interviews to important members of the sport and science society. The overall event was amazing. Enjoy pictures of the vent here, here & here.
In my mind, technology and robots is the old thinking, the now is networking and the future is to improve togetherness, generate meaningful conversations and be more sociable. Life is fun!

I am a TEDx organizer and Adventure Catalyst exposed me to different points of view, exciting views which will help me to organize a better event!

Boston team, John Werner, Blake Sims and Gulnara Niaz, this is a sincere thank you.

FaceBook Link by John Werner here.